Jane Frances Lloyd



Born in Seattle, Washington in 1948, Jane spent her growing years there through high school influenced by Mark Tobey, Paul Horiuchi, Doris Chase and exposure to Native and Japanese art.  She describes this period as a time where she literally hung out at the Seattle Art Museum, as there was no formal gallery system in Seattle at that time.  
In the late 1960's, Jane moved to Eugene, Oregon, where she began to create a body of work, sculpture and painting, showing locally.  In 1972, she traveled to Japan, earned an Associate of Arts degree before being accepted into the U of O Architecture School where she graduated Summa cum Laude with a B.A. from the School of Architecture and Allied Arts in 1987.
Jane and her family moved back to Washington where she worked 10 years in the field of interiors, opening her own design business.
Architectural training informs Jane's process.  She approaches her work from a design perspective usually beginning with pencil at the drafting table.  Artists such as le Corbusier, Moholy-Nagy and Louise Nevelson are among her influences.  Japanese art and architecture, the beginnings of the Modernist movement, the Bauhaus, the De Stijl and the Russian Constructivists have always involved Jane in her studies.  The work that emerged from architecture and design principles in the 1920's and 30's is the basis for current work.  What you will notice about Jane Lloyd's recent work is it's large scale, hard edge, saturated color, and it's abandonment of identifiable subject matter.  She has resumed experimentation with principles of perception, is playing with ideas of "closure" and "proximity" and the interaction of color that have interested her since the 1970's.  Titles are like the Dada movement, having no relationship with subject.  Her palette is from printed media, lately a European magazine.  She usually works from a detailed pencil drawing to small scale gouache on paper and then onto full canvas with acrylic.
Lloyd currently lives and works in Anacortes, Washington with her husband and two dogs.